STAY TUNED! We’re doing a total revamp of our shop! All-new items, photographs, figurines, themes. It’ll take a few weeks, but we think you’ll be thrilled with what you see then. So bookmark us/stick with us… we’ll be wowing you soon!
STAY TUNED! We’re doing a total revamp of our shop! All-new items, photographs, figurines, themes. It’ll take a few weeks, but we think you’ll be thrilled with what you see then. So bookmark us/stick with us… we’ll be wowing you soon!
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Seahawks wedding cake topper Seattle football Fun Wedding Things bride groom dancing heart pretty reception gift shower
Seattle Seahawks cake topper wedding football bride groom dance heart background oval base unique
Seahawks cake topper wedding Seattle football dance couple bride groom sports fans unique pretty heart
Seahawks wedding cake topper NFL football Seattle first dance couple Fun Wedding Things reception bridal shower gift unique heart
Fun Wedding Things Seattle Seahawks cake topper bridal shower gift reception fun green turf heart unique dancing
Green turf wedding cake topper Fun Wedding Things Seattle Seahawks football themed NFL sports fans bride groom

Wedding Cake Topper - Seattle Seahawks Football Themed Couple Dancing B

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A pretty wedding addition for sports fans, our Seattle Seahawks football-themed wedding cake topper offers a more traditional take on things, with a couple dancing while representing their favorite team. It'll be a unique reception item and a fun keepsake for years to come!


The dancing bride and groom are atop our 4 1/2 x 6-inch plastic oval professional cake topper base. The topper stands roughly 7 inches tall.

This particular bride-and-groom figurine is made out of plastic - very sturdy and detailed plastic. But because of that, there will be some small "seams" that may be visible (such as near the groom's neck area) if you look for that sort of thing. It's simply part of the production process for this particular figurine/material. 

While we can't remove the flowers from the bride's dress, we'd be happy to paint the flowers on her dress a different color for you. Same goes for the flowers in her hair and the groom's boutonniere - just let us know when you make your purchase.


Since this is a football-themed cake topper, you can opt for our usual white base… or as a FREE upgrade, we can put actual green Astroturf on top of the base, trimmed with pretty white ribbon… OR your team/themed fabric on the base, trimmed the same way. So you have three fun options for the cake topper base - plain white, green turf, or themed fabric. All three options are shown in our item photos, and you simply make your choice via the drop-down menu when you place your order.


We also include (completely unattached) a FREE heart-shaped background to match your theme. The heart itself is roughly 5 1/4 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches tall... another exclusive of ours, made from cake-safe plastic just like our oval cake topper base.

You can use the heart as you wish - some of our cake topper designs allow for placement right on the oval base, or you can put the heart behind or beside your topper, use it as a photo prop, place it on a table as a centerpiece, give it to a member of the wedding party as a memento, frame it or put it in a scrapbook as a keepsake, or even use it on a smaller-sized cake or the groom's cake - almost like two toppers for the price of one! You can also add your own lace, ribbon, flowers, or other trim to the outside edge of the heart. The back side is flat and white, allowing for writing/lettering possibilities. The options are endless, and the fun choices are all yours!


***Don't forget that hair color changes and facial hair additions are always FREE (in addition to the flower-painting on this particular figurine, if you'd like), and we also include a FREE basic white garter and a small "something blue" with each cake topper purchase!


We have more information about what we're able to change on the figurines in the "FAQ" area of our Web site, but basically, hair color painting/changing and adding any type of facial hair to the groom... we're happy to do, always free of charge. Unfortunately, we have no way of changing the skin color on the figurines, nor can we alter the existing hair length or style, clothing color or style, figurine features or pose, etc. And while we can't remove the groom's hair to create a true bald groom, we can paint the existing hair flesh-colored to give an overall "bald look." Again, much more information on all of that in our FAQs.***


PLEASE NOTE: This item is not a licensed Seattle Seahawks product. It is, however, individually handcrafted using lawfully purchased, licensed Seattle Seahawks fabric, merchandise and adornments. We are not affiliated with, sponsored by, or licensed by the Seattle Seahawks and/or the NFL in any manner.

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