About FunWeddingThings.com


Hello and welcome to FunWeddingThings.com! My name is Lisa, and I'm the woman-of-all-trades behind this Web site. 

Here's my story. My mother was simply the best. Ever. Period. Not only did she overcome numerous hardships in her own life (she was even a stage 3B breast cancer survivor in her late 70s) and carry on with an ever-smiling, ever-giving outlook, but she was much like MacGyver in that she could indeed make anything crafty with a paper clip and some string.  ; )

I remember having wonderful Halloween costumes she'd sew seemingly in an instant. Birthday cakes that amazed everyone. But anything crafty was where mom really outdid herself. She used to have craft sales right out of the house, including a huge one right before Christmas. Many friends and neighbors told us that they would buy all of their Christmas gifts at mom's craft sales, because she made such unique items with amazing attention to detail. One-stop shopping, as it were!

I wasn't into crafts back in the day, as I was the little jockette. Playing football on the playground with the boys (hey, I'm no dummy!), loving softball and basketball practice and games, you name it. If it entailed playing or watching or reading about sports, I was involved! 

But at the same time, I watched my mother. Even if I wasn't interested in sewing and craft work, I could see how much enjoyment she derived from everything she did, and how she'd work until she got something just right. That apparently sunk in. Because in later years, after discovering the joys of eBay, with me doing the photographing and listing and mom doing the crafting, she got such a kick out of being able to sell her items online. Everything from door draft stoppers to miniature decorative couches (hence my/our business name of "Couch Potato Crafts") to... bridal garters. 

That's where the wedding-related items started. With mom making garters and a few ring pillows here and there, I wondered if there was something I could make that would be a logical addition. And the cake toppers were born. 

I started small on eBay, and pretty soon I started getting notes and requests from customers, so appreciative of the unique ideas and attention to detail. Being left-handed, maybe there's a small creative streak in me, so I started coming up with all sorts of ideas for cake toppers. That continues to this day. Every single cake topper you see on this Web site, either my mom or I came up with the idea for. Oh, we're copied by others, sure. But that just goes with the territory, and I do believe there's room for everyone. (Though it is a little annoying when others "lift" my wording... verbatim... including capital letters and asterisks! But if they can sleep well at night knowing that, then so be it. But I digress...) 

After eBay, I decided to try and launch a dedicated Web site, and FunWeddingThings.com was born around 2006. I taught myself just enough HTML to get things up and running, and with this current version of the site, you'll find a lot more bells and whistles and even better photography than we had back in the day. I'm pretty proud of what this site has become, and I'm also very excited about the future and new items I hope to offer in the years to come!

The oval cake topper bases I use are made by a small manufacturing company here in town. (Loveland, Colorado... "the Sweetheart City!") I designed, they worked on, we perfected together, and now they're used for pretty much all of the cake toppers. The heart-shaped backgrounds included with the cake toppers are also a locally-made product by another small company... same story there. So not only are you getting "exclusives" with those two items, you're supporting other small businesses, too! That always makes me feel pretty special. 

But back to the back-story. My dad was the hardest-working man you'd ever want to know. Both of my beloved parents have passed on now, and I miss them every minute of every day. But I do believe that I inherited my mom's imagination and "crafting" ability (as well as her big heart... yeah, I'm the one who loves nothing more than to secretly buy the groceries or the dinner for an ailing or elderly person or a veteran) and my dad's tireless work ethic. For a small business owner, that's a pretty good combination. 

I appreciate you taking time to read the story behind the site, and if you ever have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to hit that "Contact Us" button. Please bookmark this site, as new items will be listed every single day, and again, there are lots of exciting ideas for the future. Check out and "like" our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages (links at the bottom of the home page). But most of all, know that each and every one of you is valued more than even I can put into words... and I'm a pretty wordy gal with a writing background! 

Every single item made and sent to a customer friend is done so with care, attention to detail, and a whole lot of love. Right down to the packaging and shipping. Knowing that a handcrafted item may be playing a small role in one of the most important days in someone else's life is something I'm still humbled by. I thank you all, and I wish you all the very best!