Our Items in Use - Photos


We're so proud to post photos that our customer friends have sent us of our wedding cake toppers, garter sets, ring bearer pillows, flower girl baskets, and guest books in use at their weddings. Feel free to send us your pictures of our Fun Wedding Things items "in action," as well! (We won't use any names, and we can crop around the photo so faces won't be seen, if you'd like us to.)


   Duck hunting wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com  Hunting wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com  Fun hunting themed cake topper wedding FunWeddingThings.com

The three photos above show one of our ever-popular Fun Wedding Things "What a Drag" duck hunting-themed cake toppers. The bride told us that everyone at the reception loved the topper, noting that the theme fit the new couple perfectly!


  Fireman wedding cake topper decorative couch FunWeddingThings.com

Firefighter wedding cake topper fireman fire FunWeddingThings.com groom's cake top

Here's one of our handcrafted decorative mini couches atop a fireman-themed cake a customer friend made for a firehouse fundraiser. She said the fire chief noted that in 30 years, he's never seen bidding for a cake go that high - "Everyone wanted the couch!"


University of Miami Hurricanes garter wedding garters bridal UM FunWeddingThings.com  

Miami garter wedding garters Hurricanes University of Miami bridal FunWeddingThings.com

For the University of Miami's homecoming events, the mother of one of the school's cheerleaders purchased two garters from us. Her daughter and a fellow cheerleader proudly wore their "U" garters as both legbands and armbands for all to see. And, as mom noted, her daughter can keep the garter and use it at her wedding in the future!


   Pittsburgh Penguins cake topper wedding groom's cake top NHL Hockey FunWeddingThings.com

Pittsburgh Penguins cake topper wedding reception NHL hockey sports fans FunWeddingThings.com

These photos are from a wonderful bride and groom who are die-hard Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fans. The bride said everyone loved their Fun Wedding Things Penguins-themed topper - they got so many compliments! She's going to have the topper placed in a glass dome along with some freeze-dried flowers from the cake.


  Hockey wedding cake topper sports fans FunWeddingThings.com

Sports fan wedding cake toppers hockey stick puck NHL fun FunWeddingThings.com

At one of the more unique weddings we've been fortunate to play a small role in, the bride and groom were married at a minor-league hockey game. The red carpet was rolled out on the ice, they walked underneath an arch of hockey sticks, etc. So the wedding cake topper we created for them was similarly adorned - red carpet, hockey sticks, hockey puck, team colors, the whole nine yards. What fun!


New England Patriots garter wedding bridal garters NFL football FunWeddingThings.com  St. Louis Blues garter wedding garters bridal garter set NHL hockey fans fun FunWeddingThings.com

Above left we have one of our happy customer friends showing off her New England Patriots-themed garter underneath her stunning wedding dress. On the right is a beautiful artsy black-and-white photograph of one of our St. Louis Blues-themed sports garters, hard at work during the big wedding day.


Deer hunting wedding cake topper hunter outdoors FunWeddingThings.com

Here's one of our popular deer hunting-themed cake toppers atop a stunning lavender and white wedding cake. The wedding ceremony had a hunting theme throughout - there were even antlers placed above one of the doorways.


Car Porsche Auto wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com

We crafted a "bride running to a Porsche" topper for one of our customer friends, as her husband-to-be has a silver Porsche. They said they used the topper on their stunning wedding cake (shown above), as well as on a different cake used for the rehearsal dinner.


  Boston Red Sox wedding cake topper MLB baseball sports FunWeddingThings.com

Red Sox cake topper wedding groom's top baseball fans FunWeddingThings.com

The two photos above show one of our "older" Boston Red Sox-themed cake toppers. The happy bride sent us the following e-mail:  "Hello--just a quick note of thanks for the delightful products and the great customer service. My sister bought me this wedding cake topper, and it was a huge hit. I followed up and got her the ND garter and she loves it! Thank you so much and I will continue to recommend you and keep you in mind for future friends/family."


  New York Yankees wedding cake topper groom's cake top FunWeddingThings.com

Baseball wedding cake topper MLB sports fans fun FunWeddingThings.com NY Yankees

Uh-oh... better keep the two photos above far away from the Red Sox-themed topper photos! Ha! What an absolutely amazing cake! This was another fun one - as per our wonderful customer's request, we crafted a mini baseball diamond shape (complete with Astroturf on the top). The bride figurine was running toward a Yankee player figurine (standing on the turf), and Yankees-themed adornments finished off the topper. The bride said everyone loved the topper, and someone else wants the same one for her upcoming wedding, as well.


Pittsburgh Penguins hockey themed NHL wedding garter FunWeddingThings.com

Here is one of our customer friends showing off her Pittsburgh Penguins-themed garter (and her gorgeous new wedding ring). She said they chose not to do a bouquet/garter toss at the reception, but her new husband nonetheless loved the garter when he did eventually see it.


West Virginia wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com  University of West Virginia bridal garter wedding garters FunWeddingThings.com

One of our kind customer friends had a fun West Virginia University-themed wedding, and she shared a couple of photos with us. The first one shows our WVU-themed cake topper atop one of the pretty wedding cakes, and the second one is a picture of the Matron of Honor helping the bride put on our lace WVU-themed garter. She calls herself a "WVU fanatic" and thanked us for making her wedding memorable. How sweet!


House divided team rivalry wedding cake topper football FunWeddingThings.com  House divided cake topper sports FunWeddingThings.com

Here are a couple of photos of one of our humorous "team rivalry" groom-dragging-bride cake toppers on a beautiful wedding cake. In this case, the bride roots for Oklahoma, while the groom is a Texas A&M fan. The happy bride noted, "Everyone loved our cake and said that it was perfect for us!" 


Dragging pulling wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com  FunWeddingThings.com wedding cake topper humorous funny fun

The two photos above are from one of our customer friends who wanted her two favorite college basketball teams - UCLA and UNC - represented. We fashioned one of our popular groom-dragging-bride cake toppers with a basketball and her two team adornments in back. Our bride reported, "Everybody loved it. The topper was SO 'me.' It remains sitting in our kitchen."


House divided football NFL teams cake topper wedding FunWeddingThings.com

Another one of our groom-dragging-bride house divided cake toppers - Lions vs. Giants in this case. The happy couple said the topper was a great addition to their wedding.


College wedding garter set bridal garters fun FunWeddingThings.com

The proud mom of the handsome groom above (holding up an Ohio State-themed garter set) told us, "Here is a picture of our son with his FAVORITE 'shower' gift! I truly wanted to thank you for ALL your help in getting this garter set to me. It was just fantastic to have it in time for the shower!!! You're the best!"


Checkered flag wedding cake topper racing NASCAR sports FunWeddingThings.com

One of our checkered flag cake toppers sat proudly atop this beautiful cake. The bride-to-be said, "It surely was a HIT at our wedding reception!"


University of Georgia Bulldogs wedding garter bridal fun FunWeddingThings.com

This really fun photo comes from a proud Georgia Bulldogs fan/bride, who said the garter set was perfect for her wedding. Go, Dawgs!!


Fall leaves wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com

A customer mom hoped we could make a topper where the groom was pulling the bride through some fall leaves. It certainly fit the wedding theme perfectly, as shown above, and mom reports that everyone LOVED the topper!


Los Angeles Dodgers wedding garter bridal garter set LA baseball FunWeddingThings.com  MLB baseball Dodgers wedding garter bridal garters FunWeddingThings.com

One of our customer friends who purchased a Los Angeles Dodgers-themed garter set wrote, "The garters I purchased from your website worked out perfectly! My husband is a HUGE Dodgers fan, so he was so excited and surprised when he went to pull the garter off for the garter toss."


FunWeddingThings.com garter set

Sports fan wedding garters bridal garter FunWeddingThings.com

Sports team fans garter wedding garters bridal FunWeddingThings.com

What a great series of photos here! (Can you tell the groom was stunned and absolutely delighted to see his team's garter?!?) The happy bride noted, "I just thought you would like to see how much of a hit your garter was! It was the PERFECT surprise for my groom!!"


Camo wedding cake topper camouflage hunting FunWeddingThings.com

Camouflage wedding cake camo reception groom's cake top hunting hunter duck deer FunWeddingThings.com

The mother of the groom was commissioned to make a camo-themed cake for her son's wedding, and she added one of our popular deer hunting-themed cake toppers to finish off the look (with additional berries and decor added). She noted there was a group in attendance from her son's shooting club, so they of course loved the topper! She said when people walked over to look at the cake, they chuckled at the groom's claw marks in the topper and the gun carried by the bride.


House divided wedding garter bridal garters team rivalry two teams sports FunWeddingThings.com

Team rivalry garter wedding bridal garters house divided sports fan fun FunWeddingThings.com

How cute are these photos? We'll let our wonderful bride customer friend tell the story in her own words:  "I told my boyfriend in October that I would switch to the Colts and drop my beloved Cowboys if he asked me to marry him. I meant it as joke, but two weeks later he asked me to marry him. Right after I said yes, he reminded me of the deal I had suggested. I thought that the Colts garters would be the perfect way of saying "I Do" to both. I have attached a couple of pictures with the garter on. He was so surprised! We loved them very much!"


Poker blackjack cards playing wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com

Playing cards cake topper wedding poker blackjack gambling groom's top FunWeddingThings.com

We received these two pictures from the happy mother of the bride. Their groom's cake had a poker theme, and one of our card-themed cake toppers sits atop the wonderful cake. Mom said, "It turned out wonderfully and they were so pleased!"


 Cards wedding cake topper playing poker blackjack gambling FunWeddingThings.com

FunWeddingThings.com poker blackjack playing cards wedding cake topper groom's cake top gambling

Another card-playing-themed wedding cake here, and the bride and groom even had their own personalized poker chips that went on the groom-dragging-bride topper! The bride said everyone LOVED the cake topper.


Shopping bride wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com groom's cake tops

Bride shopping shoes cosmetics purse fun FunWeddingThings.com wedding cake topper groom's top

These photos came from the very talented mother of the groom - she made all of the wedding cakes on the table! The groom's cake featured one of our "shopping bride" groom-pulling-bride cake toppers. Mom said she added the little sign on the cake which reads, "To: Shopping Mall," and noted that everyone loved the topper and asked where she got it.


Cincinnati Bengals wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com NFL football cake top groom's sports fans fun

FunWeddingThings.com NFL football sports wedding cake topper groom's cake top humorous funny unique fans

How about this ultra-cool groom's cake for a big Cincinnati Bengals fan? Our topper certainly matched the theme there. The mother of the groom said the wedding was "awesome" and that her son loved his cake - "lots of ooohs and aahhhs from everyone!"


FunWeddingThings.com house divided team rivalry garter bridal garters wedding garter set

Wedding ring bearer pillow sports fans fun FunWeddingThings.com

 FunWeddingThings.com house divided wedding garter team rivalry garters bridal reception toss keepsake throw sports fan fun

Some beautiful photos came from the bride above, who said, "Your garters, pillow and flower girl basket were a hit!" Love the determined little ring bearer, carrying one of our "team rivalry" ring pillows!


Ohio State Buckeyes wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com OSU cake topper football fans fun

OSU Buckeyes University wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com groom's cake top college fans alumni alum toppers

Here we have true Buckeye splendor! The bride thanked us for "doing such a great job with the cake topper," which certainly went with the theme! What a pretty, original cake!


Camping wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com outdoors camper groom's cake top reception

Our camping-themed cake topper fits nicely on this great wedding cake. The bride told us, "Our cake topper was a huge hit!! Thanks again!"


 FunWeddingThings.com wedding garters bridal garter set ivory white lace satin

Wedding garters FunWeddingThings.com bridal garter set lace satin toss throw keepsake

Wedding garter toss FunWeddingThings.com bridal garters throw keep fun humorous unique

Here's a cute set of pics from a customer who bought a garter set from us. First, the group shot. Second, the garter discovery. Third, they're airborne! (Nice elevation!)


College wedding garter collegiate garters FunWeddingThings.com university school team

Sports team garter FunWeddingThings.com university school college fun humorous funny garters

A customer friend purchased two collegiate-themed satin garters from us. Shown above, she noted, "Everyone loved both of the garters!"


Chicago Bears NFL wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com football sports fans fun humorous

NFL Football wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com groom's cake top sports fans funny

Even with the stunning backdrop and table setting above, one of our football-themed cake toppers still fit right in! The bride told us, "I wanted to thank you again for your help and send a couple of pics. The topper was a big hit, and as you can see was perfect for the cake. One of our guests referred to the set-up as 'the best wedding cake ever.' "


Cake decorator FunWeddingThings.com Customer photos cake toppers wedding bridal reception fun

A professional cake decorator sent us a picture of her gorgeous creation above, and noted, "Here is a picture of the cake with your cake topper. Everyone loved it."


FSU Seminoles wedding garter FunWeddingThings.com Florida State University bridal garters

University School College wedding garter FunWeddingThings.com bridal garters collegiate Florida State

The bride wearing the satin FSU-themed garter above said her husband loved the garter!


Superman wedding ring bearer pillow FunWeddingThings.com superhero bridal fun items

FunWeddingThings.com wedding ring bearer pillows Superman superhero flower girl baskets garters wedding cake toppers unique

Here a bride-to-be shows off her Superman-themed ring bearer pillow, nicely displayed in our clear plastic box. Followed by... Cutest. Ring. Bearer. Ever.


FunWeddingThings.com wedding cake toppers groom's cake tops funny frilly pretty unique original

FunWeddingThings.com online wedding shop cake toppers garters ring pillows baskets more

FunWeddingThings.com hunting wedding cake topper groom's top unique original funny fancy pretty

The new bride who purchased one of our deer hunting-themed cake toppers above said she and her groom love deer hunting so much that they even had an ornate deer ice sculpture at their wedding!


New York Mets wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com baseball MLB

FunWeddingThings.com baseball wedding cake topper sports MLB groom's cake top fun

NY Mets cake topper wedding sports FunWeddingThings.com baseball reception fans sporty

Baseball was the theme of the wedding reception here, with the bride and groom all decked out in their Mets jerseys and one of our Mets-themed toppers on the color-matching cake. The bride thanked us for "making their reception fun."


FunWeddingThings.com house divided team rivalry wedding cake topper garters ring pillow flower girl baskets

One of our popular "team rivalry" cake toppers was ideal for this fun wedding cake. The bride and groom noted, "The cake topper and the garter were a hit! We got so many compliments. The topper was perfect!"


Cupcake topper FunWeddingThings.com cake tops groom's cake toppers wedding reception fun bride

Here's a fun one - the bride placed one of our groom-dragging-bride cake toppers on top of her two-tiered cake which was surrounded by cupcakes!


Gun hunting cake topper hunter wedding FunWeddingThings.com cake tops groom's topper bride reception

This topper featured a small gun cabinet and a mini rifle or two. The bride later told us, "We were very pleased with the topper and it was the talk of the wedding. Here is a photo of the topper on the wedding cake just to show you how good it looked!"


 Fireman wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com Firefighter cake top groom's fire

Our very popular firefighter-themed cake topper really does top off this stunning cake quite nicely!


Fishing wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com fisherman fish outdoors groom's cake top fun

Another one of our more popular toppers, our fishing-themed top, looks right at home on the top of this wedding cake!


Pittsburgh Steelers wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com NFL football cake top groom's sports fan funny

Any Pittsburgh Steelers football fan would have been proud of this cake - note the creative logo the decorator made for the couple! 


Football cake topper FunWeddingThings.com NFL sports groom's cake tops reception bride groom fun

FunWeddingThings.com football sports wedding cake toppers NFL groom's cake top

Looking for a REAL football cake? It doesn't get much better than this true-to-life football field one, topped off with one of our "house divided" cake toppers featuring the Packers and the Cowboys!


Wall-e Eve wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com movie themed top

Sometimes, the most fun movies make the most fun wedding cake toppers! Here's one of our Wall-e and Eve toppers atop a pretty cake - note the veil we adorned Eve with!


Dallas Cowboys wedding ring bearer pillow FunWeddingThings.com NFL football sports fans fun cake toppers

We love the creative and artsy photos we receive from our amazing customer friends, and here's one that showcases our Dallas Cowboys-themed ring bearer pillow nicely!


Dallas Cowboys wedding garter FunWeddingThings.com NFL football bridal garters set sports fans cake toppers groom's reception

Dallas Cowboys wedding items FunWeddingThings.com football sports fans garter cake topper ring pillow basket

How about a before-and-after photo grouping of our satin Dallas Cowboys-themed garter on a leg, then in the happy (and surprised) groom's hands? Pretty cool...


Arizona Cardinals wedding garters FunWeddingThings.com NFL football bridal garter set 

 FunWeddingThings.com football wedding garters sports bridal garter set NFL fans fun

Speaking of artsy photos, here's what a customer sent us after she ordered an Arizona Cardinals-themed garter set. So creative!


FunWeddingThings.com house divided cake topper team rivalry wedding groom's cake top garters fun sports fan reception

"House divided," you say? Now HERE'S a house divided, with the awesome cake to prove it! One of our team rivalry cake toppers sits atop this oh-so-fun University of Miami/University of Florida football-themed presentation.  


FunWeddingThings.com funny humorous fancy wedding cake toppers groom's cake tops and more

So many of our customer friends tell us that our sports-themed cake toppers wind up on a groom's cake or are used for a centerpiece. Here's a perfect example of that "second cake" and topper use. Simple, yet gets the point across!


Funny humorous wedding cake topper FunWeddingThings.com groom's cake tops 

Groom's cake top fun FunWeddingThings.com sports fans unique reception topper

Here again, perfect for an additional cake or a groom's cake, as the two photos above show!



Since we use our own FunWeddingThings.com exclusive cake topper base, you have many options with that, as well... including decorating/piping frosting around it!